“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”.

Maya Angelou

Atlas Ink strives to help caregivers, parents and educators raise multicultural kids by publishing personalized children’s books and other educational content about their homeland.

Have you ever wondered how to foster your child’s curiosity and love for their heritage? How to help introduce, or cement a culture, or maybe to rekindle or remind your beloved little ones of their identity? If so, My Homeland book series is right for you.

We believe that storytelling can be a powerful tool to convey information and build connections. We publish stories that educate and support cultural preservation and instill positive diversity values among our young readers.

Our goal is to meet the needs of multicultural and immigrant communities to preserve their heritage and identity starting with their children. There is market gap in literature and content to support this mission and Atlas Ink’s value proposition is to bring about books, ideas and engagements to preserve diversity of societies.

Recently published books

My India: A Journey of Discovery

My India, A Journey of Discovery is a story written for children of Indian descent who live abroad and would like to learn about their identity. A hidden twist reveals that only your inner self knows the truth where you belong, but for the child of society, to learn and cherish your origins. It takes a reader through Indian culture, dance, tradition, food, language, meaning of life and history. It is a full turn to find your own homeland through a quest you set for yourself and your community. 
– Olivera Jankovska, My Homeland Book Series Author

A review of the “My India: A Journey of Discovery” title from some of our most important readers!

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