My Estonia

This charming picturesque book invites young readers of Estonian descent on an exciting journey, discovering their homeland: Estonia. It prompts children to problem-solve a series of riddles about Estonia’s rich history, majestic valleys, delicious food, beautiful songs, and certainly mindfulness. The book ends with an activity for the child to complete that helps them make this story their own story.

Have you ever wondered how to capture and preserve your child’s curiosity and love for Estonia? How to help introduce, cement, rekindle or remind your beloved little ones of their homeland? This book will help your child cherish their Estonian heritage and I hope it will inspire you to begin sharing your stories of Estonia too.

This book is part of the Hello Homeland book series, which will include titles exploring countries through the eyes of a child traveler, solving riddles that spell out the name of a country, all the while highlighting elements of the culture. These books are designed to intrigue a child to seek out stories of their homeland by preserving or instilling a deep appreciation for the country’s natural and cultural wonders. The books are vividly and accurately illustrated with detailed sights that come to life with the rhythmic language, which further guides children through the passage of the many iconic places of their homeland.

This book is part of the Hello Homeland book series. Check out more info here!

Copyright © 2020 by Olivera Jankovska

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Published by Atlas Ink

Atlas Ink's mission is to help diaspora caregivers, parents and educators to raise empowered kids who challenge the status quo by innovation, support diversity and preserve child’s heritage & child-led learning.

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